NISSAN: Road to Victory - Program Highlights


The Power of Music in Advertising

“Music has the best ROI on Planet Marketing… especially if you tap into new songs of emerging artists, it’s cheaper and it stands out.”
- Olivier Francois, FCA Chief Marketing Officer, AdAge, 6/27/1

“Collaborations between musicians and brands are more prevalent than ever.”
- AdAge: It’s 2018 and the Music Business is Better Than Ever, 1/2/18

“Music can put viewers and listeners in a more positive mood…This “fluid processing” is an ideal state of mind for processing advertising that brands should be seeking when communicating with consumers.”
- Nielsen Insights: The Celebrity Power of Music in Advertisements, 11/29/17

“When creating the first U.S. ad for the new Kicks subcompact crossover, Nissan and agency TBWA ChiatDay New York did not start with a script--they went straight to the soundtrack. Working backwards, they hoped the music would inspire a campaign that was emotional and didn't just plug the vehicle's technology.”
- AdAge: Nissan worked backwards to create the first ad for new Kicks crossover, 7/11/18


• Turnkey creative featuring Victory and her hit single “Open Your Eyes”
• Customized spots to feature individual dealer branding and offers
• Subject to running footage or still photography made available by the OEM or dealer.Modular templates designed to align with any model, any incentive, or any dealer branding message.
• Multiple TV formats- :15, :30
• Multiple online formats- pre-roll, post-roll, digital takeovers, banner ads
• Dealer website and social media integration
• Zone or DMA exclusivity for dealers
• Co-op compliant
• No cost to dealers other than nominal tagging/editing fees
• Program window: 8/1/18-7/31/19
* Nissan dealers are required to purchase a qualifying paid schedule in order to participate


Comcast Spotlight has set the stage for you to tap in to the power of music. We have teamed up with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation entertainment group, to bring this unique opportunity to your Nissan dealership. Tap into the emotional bond your costumers have with music by targeting and reaching music fans on cable television and premium online video.

Sample Commercials

Example from Kraft Nissan, Tallahassee, FL (Sept. 2018).

Urban setting featuring the Nissan Sentra

Rural setting featuring the Nissan Rogue

On Stage setting featuring the Nissan Altima

 On Stage setting #2 featuring the Nissan Altima